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Just Like Cracker Jacks

Not too long ago, Debbie and I were talking with Joshua about his college plans for next year.  He said he wasn’t crazy about the idea of living in a dormitory with hallway bathrooms.  That moved into a conversation about years ago that was all we had.  Calling home for us consisted of a hall telephone and yelling down the hall when somebody had a phone call.  The only way you had privacy was if you were close enough to the phone and the cord was long enough to reach into your room.

Years ago when there was a phone call you might wait to call back later.  Later on with technology advancing, you might just go ahead and let the answering machine get it.  Nowadays you might not answer the call or choose not to talk for another reason; you just choose or prefer to text.

God’s chosen method of communication is the same.  He chooses to message us through a text . . . called the Scriptures.  God’s texting is very personal (God who created you) . . . and very relevant (about life issues such as parenting, dating, money, etc.).  Statistically today about 35% of born-again Christians do not read the Bible at all;  Having Bibles everywhere don’t seem to be making much a difference.  45% of the people who attend church weekly also read the Bible during the week;  Gallup poll revealed that six out of ten say they read the Bible at least on occasion.

When we choose to dig into God’s Word we find there is so much more than we ever imagined.  One of my favorite snacks growing up was Cracker Jacks.  Eating that carmel popcorn was incredible but what was more awesome was digging down to the bottom to see what “the prize” was.  I could never wait until all the popcorn was gone to get to the prize.  I was always digging through the popcorn to retrieve the prize.  Getting into God’s Word is an amazing experience and the rewards from it are even more amazing!  John Bunyan said about the Bible, “This Book will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from this Book.”


Recently I went to see Catching Fire (the 2nd in the Hunger Games trilogy).  I remember from the first movie there was a conversation between President Snow and Seneca Crane.  During the conversation President Snow asks what is stronger than fear.  His answer is, “Hope . . . It is the only thing stronger than fear!”  Then he says, “A little hope is effective.  A lot of hope is dangerous.  Spark is fine, as long as it’s contained.  So, contain it.”

In Catching Fire that thread of “dangerous” hope is there once again.  Katniss has become a “beacon of hope” and “a symbol” for the people.  She has given them the strength to think they can rise up and be successful too.  They want to destroy and eliminate her so they can get rid of hope and maintain control.  They government wants to keep things under their control and they are afraid if the people are too hopeful they lead a rebellion and take over.  So their answer is get rid of hope.

Jesus came to give us hope and to give us victory in this life and in eternity.  Satan has an objective to cause us to feel defeat where we should be experiencing victory in Christ.  Satan wants to bring discouragement and disillusionment where we should be experiencing encouragement and hope.  Satan comes to “steal and kill and destroy” (John 10:10) and Jesus comes to give us “abundant life.” (John 10:10).

When life has been uncertain, have you been experiencing the joy and peace of putting your hope in God?  Have you been trusting God and having faith in Him while you are in the throughs of uncertainty?  Have you been allowing Satan to put fear and uncertainty in your heart where God wants to give certainty and peace?  Have you been living by the truth . . . When life is uncertain, God is certain!