Better Series- Sex

Today we are talking about a counterfeit god that can make many of us blush but it is something we are bombarded with everyday. I’ve got a disclaimer as we get started . . . Sex is good and sex is God’s idea! This is something we need to be clear about and understand because way too often God gets painted in a light when it comes to sex and sensuality that isn’t Biblical. God who created sex promises satisfaction when done His way!

So how can we fight against the world’s idea of sex and stay with God’s idea of sex? This is going to sound so obvious but it is so true. Be Spiritual. The greatest weapon you have in your battle against lust is a vibrant, passionate relationship with Jesus Christ. Christianity is not a list of “do’s and don’t’s” but a living relationship with God as we have been reconciled to Him through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Not only are we to be spiritual. Be Smart. Watch what you watch! Know that everything that goes into your eyes go straight to your brain. Thoughts become Actions . . . Actions become Habits . . . Habits become a Lifestyle! ”Keep your heart with vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” (Proverbs 4:23). Watch what you listen to! When you have had an argument or things are not going well, don’t buy into everything you hear. Never go to a person of the opposite sex for advice, counseling or share your situations with. Watch who you choose to be alone with! Never be with a person of the opposite sex alone. Andy Stanley tells of a time when he was speaking at a conference. He goes to where he was to be picked up and it was a lady. He told her, “Ma’am I am so sorry but I can’t ride with you. Call and have them send a man. I can’t risk being with you alone.” You might be sitting here and saying, “It’s too late. I have already blown it.” Maybe you have blown it but it’s not too late. The cross gives us a mulligan, a “do over.” Repent, confess it to God and begin walking in newness of life. There is no dark sin that surprises God. When you come to God, He never says, “Oh no, I didn’t know that.” He knows it already. You just need to acknowledge to Him that you know He knows. Lay the issue at His feet and let healing begin!

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