The Eye Doctor

All of us at some time will have to go to the eye doctor and look at an Eye Chart. Back in the day, all you saw was a bunch of “E’s” and you had to tell the Optometrist which direction the “E’s” were pointing. Nowadays you go in and you have to read lines of different letters. For years as a kid I was doing real well with my eyesight. Then in the 10th grade I realized I couldn’t see the board from the middle to the back of the room so I went to the Eye Doctor and I found out my vision was not 20/20 anymore. I needed a vision adjustment. I needed something to correct my vision to where I could see like I should again. I needed corrective lenses to put my vision back to where it needed to be.

I have sense passed that trait on to all three of my children. They all wear contacts and are just like me. I remember Joshua in particular when he first got glasses. We were living in South Carolina and we had noticed him squinting to watch television. We took him to the Eye Doctor and sure enough he needed glasses and his vision was the worst of the three. The day we got his glasses we were driving to Columbia to visit a friend and Joshua was in the back of the van looking out the side window. He was taking his glasses up and down looking at things out the window. He was going, “Wow, look over there. Look at that bird! I can’t even tell there is a bird over there without my glasses.” Most kids don’t like wearing glasses but for him there was such a drastic difference, he was excited to finally be able to see. Debbie and I were thinking, “Man, we sure win the ‘Parent of the Year Award’ for this one. How long has he been like this and we didn’t even know it?” Sometimes spiritually we need to take a long, hard look at God’s Word and receive some “spiritual modifications and adjustments” to enable us to see God and His plan clearly again.

The church at its inception was essentially a movement. It was a movement built around a conviction that Jesus had died as the only Savior for sinners and that He had risen from the dead proving that He was who He said He was. He was the rightful Lord of the earth and all people everywhere were commanded to repent, to be in right relationship with Him and invited to come home to Him. They were not ashamed of that and their desire was to be sold out to Him for His purposes and His will in their lives.

“Church” is literally “an assembly or gathering of people around that idea. There is an imminent danger in the Church. There is the danger of the church in every age that it will cease being a movement and become a ministry that provides services to people, or even worse, a place where people simply attend. The question for us today is, “Are we as a church running an institution or are we a movement?” How did the church as a movement get started? The concepts are repeated in Matthew, Luke, John and Acts.

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