Monthly Archives: December 2014

Just Imagine

Imagine the shock if an angel appears to you and says that the Lord favors you and you are going to bear His Son to the world. When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary it says she was “greatly troubled” (Luke 1:29) and Gabriel says, “Do not be afraid” (Luke 1:30), I think she was probably scared out of her mind. The Greek word for “troubled” means “to confuse and perplex.” Gabriel’s word for “afraid” (Luke 1:30) is where we get our word “phobia.”  It means “to be in an apprehensive state and be frightened.”  Initially I can see her almost being so scared she is speechless.  Obviously this was not something she was expecting and it really caught her off guard.

I really like how the Message translation puts it.  It says, “God has a surprise for you.”  I would have to say this was a huge surprise.  But as big as a surprise as it was and even in her troubled state and fear, it didn’t stop Mary from surrendering to God’s plan for her life.  Of course when God came to Mary they were in the right bloodline . . . the house of David.  But what else was God looking for?  What God was looking for and found in Mary was not some “super human” traits but things we all can possess and put into practice.

When God calls He is looking for two things:  a desire to obey and a willingness to sacrifice.  God is looking for people who want to obey and are willing to sacrifice anything to pursue His purpose for them. When you have that desire and you are willing to sacrifice, God will use you.  Following God and His purpose for you will always call for sacrifice.  You might have to sacrifice some relationships, plans, goals, stuff, etc.  But once you pursue God’s purpose for you, what initially seemed like a sacrifice is really not a sacrifice at all.  God’s desires become your desires; God’s goals become your goals; God’s plans become your plans.  Your response to Him should be, “God, I’m willing and available. Use me whenever You want, however You want to do whatever You want!” 

Has God ever called you to pursue His purpose/plan for your life?  When He called, what did you say?  If He hasn’t called yet, have you told Him you are available and ready?  Respond to God like Mary did, “Behold, I am the servant[f] of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38).