Decisions …Decisions…Decisions

Decisions . . . Decisions . . . Decisions! Decision-making is such a seamless brain process that we’re usually unaware of it until our choice results in unexpected consequences. Then we may look back and wonder, “Why did I choose that?” or “Why did I just do that?” After you have acted or reacted to something, do you ever talk to yourself or am I alone. Telling yourself, “I did pretty good” or “That was stupid! Why did I do that?”

Certain factors can play a part in our decision-making process. Things like . . . Time of Day . . . Your Bladder . . . Your Mood (How angry or upset you are) . . . Having Too Much Choice . . . Your Gut Instinct . . . Your Surroundings . . . The Temperature . . . Tempo of Background Music . . . How Rested You Are . . . etc. There are more, but these are just a few of the common factors that will affect your decision making either positively or negatively.

Each individual is different, so it is impossible to pinpoint a specific number of daily decisions that applies to every individual. But Time magazine puts the number in the thousands. It has been estimated that the average adult makes 35,000 remotely conscious decisions everyday. Many decisions like what to eat for breakfast or what clothes to wear have few, if any long-lasting consequences. Other decisions like . . . whether or not to stay in school . . . the career path you choose . . . where to look for work . . . who to date . . . who to marry . . . can have a huge impact on the direction of your life.

When we think about the decisions we make and the factors that influence those decisions, I want to add another factor to the list. This factor is one that should trump all other factors when making a decision. It’s called . . . Your Convictions (Pre-Determined Boundaries)! Conviction is defined as “a firmly held belief.” Another way to think about that is setting your price. Do you ever remember watching the television show . . . Fear Factor? The premise for the show is if the price is right people will do anything at any given time . . . eat live slugs . . . climb into a coffin with thousands of snakes, worms and hissing cockroaches . . . perform a daredevil stunt . . . etc.

It would be nice to think that we as Christ followers do not have a price. That an initial one-time commitment to Jesus is accompanied with a lifelong and resolute loyalty. That we as Christians would not sell out. But sad to say many Christians compromise their commitment to Christ every single day. When this happens what we say many times is we are “compromising our convictions.” But I would ask this, “If it truly is a conviction, can it be compromised?” Again, conviction is defined as “a firmly held belief.” So, if it is firmly held, can you go back on it? And if you do, was it ever that firm to begin with and was it really a conviction?”

The reality that we face when it comes to our decisions is the Big Idea for our new series . . . Today’s Decisions Become Tomorrow’s Realities! While we did state above there are some decisions that have very little impact on the future, there are some decisions we make in the moment that have a huge impact on our future. Every decision you make to turn away from God will ultimately separate you from His purpose and His plan for your life!

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