Caterpillar Thinking

Have you ever wondered what a caterpillar might think?  For most of us probably not, but if we actually took the time to think how it might think it would be very interesting.  At the beginning of its life, the caterpillar just crawls around a small patch of ground and eating plants.  Until one day that caterpillar takes a nap, a very long nap.  When it wakes up its world has totally changed.  What used to be a little slender plump body has now become a lightweight, slender body.  And on the sides are these beautiful, colorful and delicate things that he can flap and take off up into the air.  Where all he used to be able to do was crawl and eat, he can now fly over that same ground and go wherever he wants to go.   He is not limited anymore; he has been set free!

He will never be content anymore with just crawling around because now he can fly!  That should be how it should be with us when the Holy Spirit takes up residence within us.  Once we have experienced the freedom and the awesomeness of the Holy Spirit, we can never be the same again.  The Spirit-empowered life enables us to live differently.  Where we used to just exist, we now thrive.  Where we used to be without purpose, we now have a purpose.  Where life used to have no meaning, we now have meaning and experience fulfillment.  If the Holy Spirit truly inhabits us, we should not be satisfied to live any longer like people who do not have the Holy Spirit within them.  We should want to be different.

We should desire to live in such a way that we are constantly submitting to the Holy Spirit and experiencing all that He has for us.  We should live in a constant awareness of His strength, His enabling, His vision, His plan and His purpose.  Why should we crawl when we can fly?  I don’t know about you but I don’t want to keep crawling when I have the ability to fly!  (Adapted from Forgotten God by: Francis Chan).

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