Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Good Life

When you ask people if they want to live the good life, they look at you like, “Well, that is a stupid question. Of course I want to live the good life. But for most people livin’ the good life is directly connected to what is commonly called “the American Dream.” Their version of livin’ the good life involves upward mobility and always wanting newer, bigger and better.

It’s climbing the corporate ladder, having more things, getting into certain circles the pursuit of “bigger and better”, more money, bigger house, nicer car, that certain social circle, etc. But ultimately if you pursue this thinking it is the good life you will only end up in frustrated, unfulfilled and everything but happy. The reason is livin’ this false version of the “good life” is really a diversion from the real thing and a very destructive and deceptive lie!

Jesus explained and illustrated for about livin’ the good life in The Sermon on the Mount.  We all probably know from experience that Life isn’t easy and life isn’t perfect.  We would all have to admit that this is true. Life definitely isn’t easy and many times life is simply difficult. Life definitely isn’t perfect and many times it just doesn’t seem fair. Jesus’ definition of the good life and the world’s definition of the good life are opposite of each other.  When you live according to the world’s way, life is not good at all.  But when you live life like Jesus says to live it according to His ways and from His point of view . . . Life isn’t easy, Life isn’t perfect but Life is good!  As Jesus said “Blessed” or “Happy” are you if you live like I am telling you.