Good Morning, Holy Spirit

Years ago I read a book called Good Morning, Holy Spirit.  I am not quite sure that it was the most theologically correct book but the concept has been with me ever since.  When I first get up in the morning, the usual greeting to the people I see before noon is “Good Morning.”  Especially when I first rise out of bed and see my wife or kids if they happen to be home.  With a covered mouth to remove the odor of “morning breath” I greet them with the words, “Good Morning.”  Why do I do that?  Why would I not just walk past them and never utter a word?  Because, I am very excited to see them and so glad they are there with me.

Have you ever thought about first thing in the morning telling the Holy Spirit, “Good Morning.”  Truthfully, He is one of the first persons to you are with when you get up in the morning. Because He is actually living inside you.  When you tell somebody, “Good Morning” you are letting them know . . . you are glad to see them . . . you are so blessed to have them with you . . . you are getting ready to tackle the day and glad to have them with you as you move into the day . . . etc.  We should be telling the Holy Spirit the same things.

When was the last time you told the Holy Spirit, “Good Morning” letting Him know you are glad to see Him and blessed to have Him with you as you are getting ready to take on the day.  There is a worship song that has been out for a while that says, “Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.  Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.  Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for.  To be overcome by Your presence, Lord”  Sing that to God today.  If you don’t know the song or feel like you can’t sing, tell God that today.  Remember . . . The Holy Spirit in you is greater than Jesus beside you. 

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